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Film Diary 27-03-13

A very mixed bag again this week but some real gems and some not so good rewatches. The past two weeks have been quite busy both work and just watching movies, so I have not had a chance to update the blog with stuff I would like but I will soon get into the swing of it and get a sort of routine going for it and have some other content


Debut of Wes Anderson and straight away you can see his style and wit in the movie. The confidence in filmmaking is evident and the blueprints for his other movies, his own unique style is there in abundance.

All Wes Anderson traits are here, his unique music choices, his eve more unique characters that seem to live in their very own world  a little deluded maybe but likeable none the less.

A lot of the credit has to go to the Wilson brothers who are fantastic in this, and I wish they and Owen Wilson in particular would do a lot more movie like this.

Overall not a perfect movie, but you can see both the confidence and the future of Wes Anderson  but I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed it.

Rating: 4/5


Outside of Pixar animated movies can be very hit and miss, and I avoid a lot of them when I hear middle of the road reviews, but Cloudy got some great reviews and I absolutely love it. 

It has great animation, great characters, a good story, great humour and most importantly all of these are balanced perfectly.

The movie keeps things fairly simple and above all else fun. It definitely falls into the category of all round family fun, there is fun galore for the kids and as with most modern animated movies there is a few jokes thrown in there for the adults to keep them happy and amused.

The characters are all great, and of coarse there is a strong moral message at the core but let's be honest most people are just looking to be entertained, and this more than does that.

And there is a monkey sidekick!!

Rating: 4/5


What can you say really, its Peters sellers at his best as the bumbling detective.
If you have never seen it, rectify it immediately and you will have such a great time.

I think this is my favourite of the Clouseau movies, I spend nearly the whole movie just laughing and not just simple giggles but full on laughs.

Peter Sellers is at the top of his game here, but the supporting cast and their reactions to the bumbling detective are what make it special.

Rating: 5/5


I liked this a lot more the first time I watched it.  And each time I watch, and I think this my fourth time, I think. 

And this time there was not much that I enjoyed.  The story is not my issue with it though and I think it is a fitting story for Hannibal Lector but this time around especially I have a real problem with the actor portraying the young Hannibal. 

Obviously he would never have the gravitas that Hopkins has but he doesn't have a great presence in this movie, and whether it has o do with seeing the movie before but I didn't find him terrifying or intimidating, or even interesting. 

I cant help think a better actor would have really raised this movie up.

Rating: 2/5


A simple movie, but very funny. Outside of an Irish audience I'm not sure how this would play, its not that the jokes are very Irish but they have a very Irish 'sense of humour'.

Gonna recommend it to some none Irish friends and see what they think.

One thing I will say that really helps the movie is the main actor, who is also a comedian, Jimeoin. He has good presence and great comic timing but above all he is likeable and believable.

Rating: 3/5


I had heard of this last year and had read the story behind it and thought, surely they cant make a movie out of this, the story is a bit too strange, but someone thought they could and they did.

Firstly the subject matter is not something to be taken lightly and the director, Craig Zobel, does not take it lightly but treats it with the respect it deserves.

The story of fast food workers duped by a hoax caller who leads them down a dark path for his own amusement. 

It is frightening How a simple authoritative voice and a few basic facts can lead to such and incident.

It makes for uncomfortable watching as the innocent employee is subject to more and more degrading treatment.

What makes it more uncomfortable is the fact the the lead actress chosen is, lets be honest, very good looking, and this lends a sense of voyeurism to the viewer where we become the cop who is exploiting all these people but unable to see.

It is really hard to understand why people didn't stop at points, and there were many, and just think to themselves, "hang on, this isn't right."

The performances are superb, each actor playing their part to perfection, the lead actress in particular.

My only issue with the movie is the reveal of the hoax caller quite early on, I think it would have been better if the reveal was made at the end or not at all.

Rating:  4/5


I had always heard good things about this from lots of people but I had always blown it off for the inclusion of Adam Sandler, and while I am a fan of his, I am more a fan of his comedies and thus avoided watching this.

I am so glad I decided to watch this now though, it was fantastic. Sandler is fantastic, and some manages to maintain his over the top and slightly crazy but a bit more subdued, especially when played off the more straight Emily Watson.

But as with most of his movies it's PTA that is the star, with fantastic cinematography and what I can only imagine was experimental sound design, however experimental though it works. I can see a lot of the music choices made here carried over and improved upon especially in The Master.

A great experience and a wonderful movie.

Rating: 5/5


Ambitious comic book adaptation that is campy fun but restricted by the time in which it was made.

Alec Baldwin is a Playboy by day, crime fighting super hero by night former Asian crime lord. Honestly.
I know it sounds a little silly but not as bad as some other movies ive seen and comics ive read for that matter.
And when I say this was ambitious I mean that the restraints that were on it for the time it was made must have held them back from making the movie i presume they imagined in pre production.

The Shadow is a super hero who can cloud men's minds and make them see or not see whatever he wants, and while the effects aren't the worst they are a little dated now and I remember them being a little bad when I first say this. But effects aside the movie is actually quite enjoyable.

I remember really enjoying it the first time I saw it and this time around I had great fun in the campness of the whole thing. The setting is perfect, 1930's is a perfect period for a super hero like this. Adam Baldwin is camping it up as the lead and the supporting cast all do exactly what is needed to make this just simple camp and great fun.

I cant help but think this is ripe for a remake!!

The Effects let it down and while I know they are pretty good effects for the time, they date the movie badly and garner a few giggles that the movie probably doesn't deserve

Rating: 3/5

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